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2011-10-09 15:17:23 by MLL

Not a plan, a game almost done.

Snake revolution is a simple game similar to snake
The programming is done, just have to make the art, find some music and make a menu

here is a picture


Beatiful Effect

2011-07-26 17:30:21 by MLL

I have given up of coming once in a while to make posts about what i am doing, but this time I have come to show something done.

A nice particle effect.

Just move the mouse in the center of the image.


2011-02-01 22:39:54 by MLL

From now on, I will be posting about my games here on NG and at my new blog, that one day should become a site with a blog and not just a blog.

Now about the game,

I am having serious troubles to contact the artist in charge of... well... the art. Until I contact him and have the game logo in my hands I won't say much about the game name and story.

I have been busy for some time so the game didn't advanced too much from the last post, but the idea is now more solid and polished. I took some time to think and write a game design document, so I could have some sort of "plan" for the game. I hope this game is finished and published in early march.

About the dev process:

I'm not an expert game developer yet so I'm still having some sily (I guess) problems. Like how to organize all the game variables and the multiple classes, when to create new classes or just initiate the same class in some different manner. Other problems I'm having is to set a good spawn rate, goode movement speed, and this small and yet very importante things.

About the game:

lol... I'am just talking about stuff that the majority of the people won't even read

The basic concept of the game i have already said in the last post, but there some features that I havent said, like:

* Day and Night cicle inside the game, there are some enemies that just appear by night and some that just appear on day light

* (not so much) Cutomizable weapon, there will be no shop or money in the game, but the zombies will drop some pieces of junk that you can try to fix and put together to create some items, mostly items are weapons

* Bosses

I think I have talked enougth. ^^
Again the sprites showed in the image are mostly not mine and are just been used for tests. Soon I will have my own sprites

ps: My english may have some terrible mistakes so if you find any, please send me a PM



New game coming

2011-01-13 19:25:14 by MLL

I said that I would work harder this year, but I never thought I would come back here with some stuff so soon.

The project is pretty young yet, it doesn't even have a name and probably it will take some time until I finish it entirely, because at the moment I am the "one man development team" of the game

The idea behind the game will be basically kil LOTS of zombies trying to survive with two game types: the campaign and the survival mode.

The campaign will have some story and you will have to complete your "mission".

The survival mode.... well... the name says everything. You have to survive as long as you can.

The idea is not original. I am putting together many game aspects that I like from other games, but the MAIN inspiration was Carnage Street.

The sprites I am showing in this image are just for test, unfotunely megaman won't be the main character.

I will be pleased to hear what you think about this topdown zombie defense game or some sugestions.


New game coming

New winds

2011-01-01 00:58:08 by MLL

First of all... Happy new year dudes

This is the kind of post written for myself.

If everything goes well I will go to study computer science on college this year and start to really study how to program. I am also studying a lot about game design so I can make really great games.

My big problem is that I start more game projects than finish. My last submission was bubbles two years ago and since then I have made more games, but none of them were submitted.

That's why I said new winds, because from now on I will start to work harder and harder to make something playable.

I am actually working on some stuff and soon I will post how it is going and what it is

And again, happy new year.

OMG... almost one year

2009-02-05 16:56:41 by MLL

Man... bubbles will make one year in the portal tomorrow and i didn't realy finished any other game on this year, i have started and stopped many projects, but the tile-based strategy game is my life programming goal so it is still on development, but it is very complex, but I WILL MAKE IT ^^ even if it takes for forever... the story has been changed some several times, but now i am happy with it

as soon as I can I will post some other game, probably on AS 3.0 now, I have many ideas, just need to do it... and i work on the tile-based strategy game when i am not working on any other simpler project

I am really posting just to remember about Bubbles ^^

Hope to remember more games next year

Imperial War time out

2008-08-10 20:56:37 by MLL

I realised I dont have all the skill needs for this game yet, so I am reading more about Action Script and game programmimg. I will come back to this project as soon as possible but for now I will make some simpler game, not like bubbles. Probably a platform game.

Anyway, keep posting here anything u would like to see in a tile-based strategie game

ps: I will change the game name when I return to this project

Imperial War - Mouse or Just Keyboard??

2008-06-14 23:31:59 by MLL

Well, as you probably know i am making this new game called "imperial War" and I have a question for whoever that read this... Should I use the Mouse to the control or should I use only the keyboard? (like in video games)

Imperial War - Mouse or Just Keyboard??

New Idea and a looooooooooooooooooooot of work

2008-06-08 20:51:15 by MLL

Well, now I have finished my first game, Bubbles, I wanna make a more complex game so I started to think which kind of game should I do... and finally I remembered an old project called "Imperial War", it is a tile-based strategy game(like Tactics Ogre) and I am starting to do it today. I will have to work a lot to do it, because it is totaly different of "Bubbles". This is the logo for now(I will proprably change it)... Soon i will post here some draws of the game and maybe... just maybe the story

I hope to finish this game in a couple of months

P.S: What do you like in this kind of game?

(10/06/2008 - I have updated the logo)

New Idea and a looooooooooooooooooooot of work


2008-06-02 21:17:48 by MLL

Finished and submited