New Idea and a looooooooooooooooooooot of work

2008-06-08 20:51:15 by MLL

Well, now I have finished my first game, Bubbles, I wanna make a more complex game so I started to think which kind of game should I do... and finally I remembered an old project called "Imperial War", it is a tile-based strategy game(like Tactics Ogre) and I am starting to do it today. I will have to work a lot to do it, because it is totaly different of "Bubbles". This is the logo for now(I will proprably change it)... Soon i will post here some draws of the game and maybe... just maybe the story

I hope to finish this game in a couple of months

P.S: What do you like in this kind of game?

(10/06/2008 - I have updated the logo)

New Idea and a looooooooooooooooooooot of work


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2008-06-09 14:59:58

i like the leveling up in the characters. It lets me see all the cool stuff they can do. This also reveals the creativity of the author! Good luck dude on your game, I can't wait to see it.


2008-06-09 17:19:47

not bad finish it so we can play it


2008-06-09 18:26:04

like mariomaster, I like to see RPG elements including:

customisable characters
a vass variety of weapons
leveling up
and a good story

MLL responds:

I think my story is very good, and i will try to make the char as much customisable as I can


2008-06-09 21:43:37

This would be cool but if your not a awesome artist or an experienced coder then it would suck. But your cool.

MLL responds:

I will do my best


2008-06-10 20:03:15

I would aprecciate a good leveling system(where you could customize your character)
A good story
Diferent creative!!!
Different ways to play the game so I would not be tired very quickly.

MLL responds:

Do you have any ideas of different ways to play a game like this?