New game coming

2011-01-13 19:25:14 by MLL

I said that I would work harder this year, but I never thought I would come back here with some stuff so soon.

The project is pretty young yet, it doesn't even have a name and probably it will take some time until I finish it entirely, because at the moment I am the "one man development team" of the game

The idea behind the game will be basically kil LOTS of zombies trying to survive with two game types: the campaign and the survival mode.

The campaign will have some story and you will have to complete your "mission".

The survival mode.... well... the name says everything. You have to survive as long as you can.

The idea is not original. I am putting together many game aspects that I like from other games, but the MAIN inspiration was Carnage Street.

The sprites I am showing in this image are just for test, unfotunely megaman won't be the main character.

I will be pleased to hear what you think about this topdown zombie defense game or some sugestions.


New game coming


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2011-01-13 20:38:54

Wicked !