2011-02-01 22:39:54 by MLL

From now on, I will be posting about my games here on NG and at my new blog, that one day should become a site with a blog and not just a blog.

Now about the game,

I am having serious troubles to contact the artist in charge of... well... the art. Until I contact him and have the game logo in my hands I won't say much about the game name and story.

I have been busy for some time so the game didn't advanced too much from the last post, but the idea is now more solid and polished. I took some time to think and write a game design document, so I could have some sort of "plan" for the game. I hope this game is finished and published in early march.

About the dev process:

I'm not an expert game developer yet so I'm still having some sily (I guess) problems. Like how to organize all the game variables and the multiple classes, when to create new classes or just initiate the same class in some different manner. Other problems I'm having is to set a good spawn rate, goode movement speed, and this small and yet very importante things.

About the game:

lol... I'am just talking about stuff that the majority of the people won't even read

The basic concept of the game i have already said in the last post, but there some features that I havent said, like:

* Day and Night cicle inside the game, there are some enemies that just appear by night and some that just appear on day light

* (not so much) Cutomizable weapon, there will be no shop or money in the game, but the zombies will drop some pieces of junk that you can try to fix and put together to create some items, mostly items are weapons

* Bosses

I think I have talked enougth. ^^
Again the sprites showed in the image are mostly not mine and are just been used for tests. Soon I will have my own sprites

ps: My english may have some terrible mistakes so if you find any, please send me a PM




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